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New headgaskets on the 1964 Ford Fairlane

Finally managed to make a start on my own car this week - Replacing the head gaskets on the 260ci Ford Small block.

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Metalwork started on The Morris Traveller

Is this the rustiest Morris Traveller we have seen? Must come close! We have started to put some strength back into the structure with the O/S sill repairs for starters. Lots and lots of previous plates...

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Is this the perfect vehicle for the summer?

Allan's beach buggy has arrived this week for a new wiring loom and minor work to get it fit for the summer . . . Lets hope that in these strange times he can enjoy some...

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The XR3i resto moving forward on metalwork

We are pretty much there on the metalwork repairs on Tim's XR3. As they go the body was reasonably solid, just needing rear quarters, arches and scuttle repairs. Then its full steam ahead on getting the...

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